We, the LGBTQ+ community, our allies, and loved ones, stand united against the hatred and bigotry that divide our nation. We march to defend inclusion, celebrate diversity, and ensure the equal protection of human rights for all regardless of age, nationality, socio-economic status, skin color, gender identity, immigration status, faith, disability, or sexual orientation.

The Movement

The Equality March for Unity and Pride San José is part of a national movement in support of equality for all led by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community. San Jose joins cities and communities across the nation to stand united against the hatred and bigotry that divide our nation. The LGBTQ+ community invites everyone no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity to stand with us as we march to protect equal rights for all individuals. This is not a Pride march or party, but a stand to defend the rights of our friends, peers, family, and neighbors that are being threatened. The march culminates with a rally at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park which will include a diverse group of notable speakers and readings of open letters submitted through our website [see “Share Your Voice”]

Who We Are

Equality March San José was developed by a steering committee of community members, organizations, businesses, and government officials working together for Equality, Unity and Pride across the San José Metropolitan Area. The organizations involved include Project More Foundation, Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center, Silicon Valley Pride, Asian American for Community Involvement, Colectivo ALA, First Century Evangelist Group, The LGBTQ Youth Space, County of Santa Clara, and City of San José.



For inquiries from the press/media please contact Communications Committee Chair Bryan Aubineau at press@domoreproject.org or by calling (408) 755-6370.

Press Releases and Media Advisories:

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(This section will be updated as further information and common questions are collected.)

Is the march only for the LGBTQ Community?
No. Equality March San José invites individuals, families, friends, organizations, and work groups who believe in tolerance, compassion, and equal rights for all members of our community. We welcome all backgrounds, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, and economic statuses.

Do I need to register?
Yes. This is a free event, but we are asking marchers to register so that we can have an accurate count to ensure we have the proper services available. Begin your registration here.

Will there be a rally with speakers before or after the march?  
Yes. Equality March San José will begin at San José City Hall at 11:00 AM with a kick-off ceremony and lead to Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park for the Rally beginning at 1:00 PM.

Is this the same as the PRIDE parade?
No. Although some cities across the country are replacing their PRIDE parade with a march or rally, it is not the same event. Silicon Valley PRIDE will take place in August.

Is this a peaceful event?
Yes. Equality March San José does not believe in any act of violence or disobedience that could jeopardize the safety or security of the public.

Is this a partisan protest?
No. This human rights march is not a Red event. It’s not a Blue event, either. It is a Red, White, and Blue event for all Americans and Dreamers who believe that our country’s strength is its diversity.

Will it be safe? Can I bring my kids?
Yes. Safety and security is critical to the success of Equality March San José. Trained volunteers, private security, and personnel will be deployed to create a safe and inviting event for all members of the public to attend. We understand the decision to bring your children is a personal one, but they are welcome.

How should I get to Equality March San José?
Due to lack of parking and unknown crowd size we highly recommend taking public transportation. Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), Caltrain, and other transit agencies are well connected to Equality March San Jose. for those that must drive, city parking lots provide parking for a $6 flat rate on Sunday. Street parking will be highly limited due to road closures.

How will traffic be affected?
We are currently seeking permits to determine the exact route that is safest and most efficient during our march. More details will be provided here when available.

Will restrooms be available?
Yes. We will have gender neutral portable restrooms available at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park. ADA accessible restrooms and hand washing stations will also be available.

Will medical assistance be available?
Yes. a safety team will be available for those needing first aid or basic medical assistance. Serious medical conditions will be addressed by first responder personnel.

Are floats appearing in the march?
No. Safety comes first, so no parade styled floats will be permitted. We encourage everyone to come and be a part of Equality March San José. Let’s unite and demonstrate our solidarity!

Will there be a designated area for people to watch the march?
No. Members of the community are encouraged to participate, however those wishing to watch are encouraged to safely view the march from sidewalks along the route. Please comply with instructions provided by event volunteers, staff, and public safety personnel.

Can we bring walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or other mobility devices?
Yes. Assistance devices like a walker, cane or wheelchair are welcome. Please refrain from raising the cane above waist level to prevent injury of others.

Can we bring folding chairs?
A limited number of folding chairs will be provided at San José City Hall and Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park in the outline areas for individuals who have accessibility and/or mobility needs. These chairs are first come first serve and cannot be reserved/held. Chairs may not impede other attendees, pedestrian traffic, or emergency personnel access.

Can we bring strollers and baby carriers?
Yes. Baby carriers and child strollers are welcome. We suggest using small compact strollers if possible, and devices may not impede other attendees, pedestrian traffic or emergency personnel access.

Can I bring my bicycle?
Yes. Bikes are an ideal form of transportation to Equality March San José. Limited bike parking is available at downtown San Jose at bike racks which can be located here. Bicycles should be parked and locked securely to bike racks. Bikes may not be rode on City Hall property, during the march, or on the grass at Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park. Equality March San Jose cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, fines, or theft to property, including bicycles.

Can we bring flags and banners?
Yes. Flags, posters and signs are allowed. We encourage people to use cardboard or PVC sign posts instead of wood. Derogatory signage or chants with cursing, sexual or violent drawings, or slander/libel, or other defamatory statements is not permitted. Signage or chants calling out actions or statements made by elected officials, the administration, or community leaders are acceptable. Please be aware of your surroundings, especially if carrying larger signs/banners as to not injure anyone.

Can we bring bags?
Bags may be no larger than 8″x 6″x 4″ unless entirely transparent/clear. Registered and badged press/media may bring equipment bags that are larger.

Can we bring food or drinks?
Yes. If they fit within your bag or into a transparent gallon size bag they are allowed and welcomed. Please no glass containers. We ask that you respect the city and clean up after yourselves by disposing trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles. Food and beverage vendors will be available at Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park for purchase.

How will Equality March San José be funded?
Hosting the march and rally will cost $18,000, but the steering committee felt it was the right thing to do!  The initiative is fueled by donations from residents, nonprofits, social businesses and local companies. See our progress and explore how you can help here.

Can my organization get involved?
Yes. We need you! All likeminded organizations, groups, clubs, businesses, and government offices are encourage encouraged to get involved. Participate in the march, donate or fundraise for the movement, have a community table (exhibit), or volunteer. Contact our Partnership Coordinator at partner@domoreproject.org.

How can people unable to attend still support?
Although we will miss having you at the event, there is still a variety of ways you can support the movement. Your generous donation will help fund the event, or purchase commemorative apparel in our online store, or share your support on social media using hashtag #EqualityMarchSJ, or you can volunteer with pre or post event tasks. We thank you for your support!

Will translation services be available?
Yes. Equality March San José will have sign language interpreters for the kick-off at San José City Hall and the rally at Plaza De Cesar Chavez Park. Language translation services at the event are not currently available.

Is photography/videography allowed?
Yes. Photography and videography is allowed for personal use. Please be advised that bags carrying cameras and equipment MUST ADHERE to our bag restrictions. Wearing your camera around your neck or shoulders is allowed. Press/Media access is available by contacting our Communications Team at press@domoreproject.org.

Is there a hashtag I should use?
Yes. Please use #EqualityMarchSJ when posting or sharing your experiences or photos on social media.

Is there a place to send my march and rally photos?
Yes. Please post your photos to social media and tag us using the hashtag #EqualityMarchSJ. You can also email your photos to EqualityMarchSJ@domoreproject.org. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


By Public Transit
Equality March San José encourages all participants, volunteers and attendees to use their preferred form of public transit. For schedule and route details, visit the Valley Transportation Authority website at www.vta.org.

By Car
Parking near San José City Hall is minimal. Its encouraged for vehicles to be parked near the location of the rally at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park. Many parking facilities neighbor the area as well, and be located here.

By Car Service
Rideshare services like Lyft, Yellow Cab of Silicon Valley, or charter services may drop-off passengers at San José City Hall, but may not park. Chartered vehicles should acquire parking near the rally location at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park.

By Bus
There will not be a specified bus stop for Equality March San José. Please use routes with stops at or near San José City Hall. Private charter busses may drop-off passengers at San José City Hall, but may not park. Private busses should acquire parking near the rally location at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park.


To ensure Equality March San José is safe event for everyone to enjoy, the following restrictions are in effect.

Prohibited Items

  • Aerosols
  • Alcohol
  • Ammunition
  • Bags or backpacks exceeding 8″x 6″x 4″ size restriction
  • Bike riding on City Hall property or inside park.(an ideal transportation option)
  • Balloons
  • Coolers
  • Drugs (illegal and non-prescribed drugs and paraphernalia)
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Glass or thermal containers
  • Laser pointers
  • Mace / Pepper spray
  • Packages or boxes
  • Structures (tents, canopies, large umbrellas, or other similar shade devise)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Any other items determined to be a potential safety hazards

Restricted Items

  • Animals must be on leash and pet waste must be properly disposed.
  • Bicycles may not be rode on City Hall property or on grass at park
  • Unauthorized tabling, vending or sales of any goods or services